Hot Fudge On the Side — Literally?

The other night I took my daughter through the drive-through of a popular chain restaurant and ordered a dish of vanilla ice cream (her favorite) and a small hot fudge sundae with the hot fudge on the side.  I didn’t want my ice cream to be soup by the time I got home.  

I get up to the window and notice that they poured my hot fudge on top of the ice cream.  Two girls were manning the window.  I said to the one, ‘No, no, no.  I said I want the hot fudge on the side.’  The other girl looks surprised, takes the dish away and started over.  I saw her through the window, ready to pour hot fudge on the ice cream again!  This time the other girl stopped her, saying, ‘No, she wants it on the side.’  The ice cream girl proceeded to pour the hot fudge…   get this….

on one side of the ice cream in the dish!!!

Window girl and I both kind of yelled, “Nooo!”  Window girls says to me, ‘you want it in a separate cup, right?” I said ‘Yes.”  (At least window girl was with it!)

Ice cream girl takes the top section of the ice cream to-go cups, flips it around and squirts a bunch of hot fudge in.  Window girl proceeds to take the bottom section of the ice cream to-go cups, flips that around, and proceeds to use it for the top.   (Think about it, it makes sense)  Just as she’s doing it, ice cream girl says, ‘You can’t do that.  We don’t have covers to fit that part of the cup.’  Window girl and I just look at each other like, ‘duh, she’s not getting it’ and hands me the hot fudge without a cover, very hesitantly, I might add.  I had to chuckle and took it; I just really wanted to get home and eat it!


Wave Riding on the Road

The other day our daughter had a concert at school.  I had conflicting event that I needed to attend with my mom, so mom and I took her car and hubbie took our daughter to the concert.  The plan was to meet at school.  All that went fine and mom and I got to school on time to see her sing.

After the concert, I rode home with hubbie.  Walking in the parking lot, I noticed he used our 20-year-old van instead of the good van I left home for him (thus the reason I had my mom drive).  So we get into the van and I sat in the second row.  Little did I realize, the shocks were shot.  We hit every bump possible plus I think he found a few extras on the one mile trip home.  Every bump we floated up… and down… up… and down.  Whenever I was up, he and our daughter in the front were down.  When they were up, I was down.  It was kind of like wave riding in a hurricane…!

Grandparenting 101

Saturday I babysat from my 1-yr-old granddaughter.  I love spending time with her.  With Halloween coming, I wanted to run to the store to seek out fun Halloween items among other things.  Soooo, I loaded her in the van with my special needs daughter, and off we went.  

Oh boy, did I forget what it was like!

We park and I work to get the little one out of the car seat.  Can’t they make those things easier for grandparents to unbuckle?  I’m fighting with this thing, trying to press the release, but I can’t because I don’t have the strength in my thumb anymore.  That’s what happens when you work on computers for your entire career.  And it’s about to rain.

We get into the store, got a cart and set her in and…

no shoe.

We head back out, quickly, so we don’t get caught in the rain.  There’s the shoe in the road by the curb.  My daughter grabs the shoe and we rush back in.  Phew!

Now we’re ready to shop and have fun.  We start roaming through the aisles and I have the recollection of times past.  Did you know that toddlers have arms with built in extensions that extend far beyond the width of the aisle?  Well, they do!  


We went into the Halloween home accessories and candy aisle and my daughter sees the rack of posters.  She starts paging through them o n e  -  b y  -  o n e, looking for her favorite, Bella from the Twilight Saga.  This is going to take forever, especially when she doesn’t find one since that’s old news now.  I told her she could look while I ran over across the aisle with little miss long arms, in the opposite section.  I start looking and realize, this isn’t going to work.  My daughter won’t find me.  I go back across the aisle looking for her, and can’t find her.  Then I hear, “Mom?”  I call her name.  Now we’re playing catch-me-if-you-can around the aisles.  

Ugh!  I shout her name a little louder and she came around the corner.  

I worried for nothing because she was right where I was supposed to be!

I now decide to find something to buy for little miss long arms to play with in the cart.  I let her pick between two little girl necklace/bracelet sets.  She picks the pretty sparkly one and we shop some more.  

Clunk!  Something bounced off my shoe!  oof, she dropped the necklace on the floor.  Well that latest 5 min.

I finally get the Halloween stuff I wanted — great deals, 60% off! — and I realize as we’re approaching the checkout that I don’t have my purse.  

Shoot!  I do a quick tally and there is no way I have enough cash in my pocket.  Shoot (again!)  

I have to run out to my van.  Is it raining?  I hope not.  I start to head for the door with the cart and realize, I can’t do that!  It’s full of stuff!  I’d be arrested for shoplifting!   I can’t leave that cart with little miss long arms with my daughter because, you never know what might happen when I run out.  Shoot.  I have to haul her outside with me.  

I leave my daughter inside with the cart and, baby in arms, we run to the van.  It’ done raining, thank goodness!  I get my purse, run back in and…

no shoe.  Again.   Shoot, shoot, shoot!!!

I go back out, (now I’m getting winded) and, yep, there it is in the same spot as before.  I pick it up, run back inside, load her in the cart and put the shoe on.  

Finally, I can check out.  I get everything paid for and haul everything and everybody out to the van.

I survived.  

And in the car seat when we get home, a whole mile down the road, is the sweetest little babe sound asleep…

All I think is, what on earth wore her out?

… and it’s time for lunch.

You Know You’re in Wisconsin When…


It’s fall.  Cooler nights.  Time to prep for winter.

My husband has been re-caulking our windows in prep for winter.  This also means I don’t get the garage until all the storms are back in place.  Priorities.  Guess you can guess where mine are!

The other morning, I get out to my mini van and it’s covered with condensation.  No problem, at least it’s not frost.  Get in, start the engine and turn the wipers on.  Power the windows down and up to clear the condensation.  

Put ‘er in reverse and back out of the driveway.  

I have a whole two miles to commute to work.

Ah, but, you know you’re in Wisconsin when it’s 47 degrees, the windows are down, and the heater is on high.  You do all this to keep the windows from fogging up on the outside.  

Yes, I said the outside!

By the time I get to work, I can put the windows up again.  That’s good, but maybe I should leave them open a crack.  After all, it’s going to be in the high 70’s later and the car will get pretty hot inside!

Ugh.  Wisconsin.

Our cat, Magic

Our cat, Magic

Swish, flick, swish, flick, swish, flick.

I know, it’s been awhile.  Life happens and I was totally caught up in it.  And on top of that, school started.

Crazy busy…

You can tell it’s almost fall.  We had the garage door and the window trim painted.  Now hubby is going to re-caulk the windows too.  

                          Soooo, picture this…

It’s dark, after 8:00 p.m.  Hubby’s outside on the ladder facing the kitchen window over the sink.  He’s pounding away at the old caulk with one hand, the other holding a flashlight.  Magic, our black cat, sits on the counter, swishing her tail, watching the light flickering through the window onto the counter.  Swish, flick, swish, flick, swish, flick.

Miracle Man

Miracles happen every day. Sometimes we’re aware of them and sometimes we’re not. For whatever reason, the people that witnessed this miracle were chosen to do so and spread the word.

God Bless you all!

Miracle Man

Pigtails and Beards

I’m really going to miss people watching this winter.  Today I saw this guy with dark hair, tight and curly with pigtails.  From the front he looked rough and tough, beard, sideburns, tattoos, pierced everything and Mickey Mouse ears that were actually


Yes, pigtails!  You know the kind, one on each side of the head pulled up high and tight!  

omigosh!!!  I’m sooooo glad I’m not related to him!  

                       My brothers would never let him live it down!

Wish I could’ve gotten a pic because believe you me!  I would’ve posted it!

Oh, where, oh, where have the paper towels gone?

Oh, where, oh, where have the paper towels gone?

People Watching At the Fair

This past weekend was our local county fair.  I love the fair.  I love walking around, looking at the booths, crazy foods available and all the different people.  Did you know that they had Alligator on a Stick?  I didn’t try it, no way, Jose.  But it was there for the daring to try.  

Went to the concert Saturday night and saw Daughtry.  It was great!  (until it rained).  

Cold, chilly rain.  

This year it was the coldest it’s ever been at the fair.  50s-60s and chilly winds.  Had my gloves and sweatshirt along like many other people.  You just couldn’t drink enough beer to keep warm!

As usual, I took my camera, only this time, I just shot pics of anything and everything, critters and people.  Something very common caught my eye as my daughter and I were watching the tractor pull from a distance.  There was a whole line of porta-potties and one porta-sink.  

Just one sink.  

I found it kind of humorous watching people exit the blue thrones, you know how they are!  You almost fall out of them when you open that door!  Found out I wasn’t alone in that feeling!  Most women and about half the men washed their hands.  But the part that I found fun was the different ways people looked for paper towels to dry their hands!  Yes, they were all gone.  But people looked over, under, sideways and around, trying to make those towels appear!  Shaking their hands, wiping them on their jeans, waving their hand in the air…  you name it, I saw it!